‘I' is just an alphabet but a life begins with it. In fact, every life starts with an alphabet, i.e. ek Akshar. Akshar, which is also known as an Ultimate God, is an origin of many lives, which not only creates them but also protects them. This principal applies to 'Akshar Group' too!

AKSHAR group is a leader in providing customized insurance products for the Clients. One of our most important goals is to provide a high value for money to our customers by structuring our insurance programs to best suit their wants, needs, and risk tolerance at the most competitive price. AKSHAR is one of the fastest growing family-owned Insurance agencies in India, built with a tradition of opening doors, nurturing relationships & strengthening financial bridges...

Life Insurance

Choose from variety of investment options available.
Pick the ones that suit your insurance goal & requirements the best


In today’s uncertain economy, financial planning has become increasingly important.


Each individual is different and so are the insurance needs. We help you ascertain insurance Plans that give...

General Insurance

We promise to deliver apt solutions for your every need & requirement ranging from
Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, Travel Insuarnce, Motor Insurance, Home Insurance & Office/Shop Insurance

Health Insurance
Health Insurance or Mediclaim as commonly knows refers to protection that is provided to a policy holder as a cover against unexpected medical emergencies.read more
Accident Insurance
World is not an easy place to live in (Anonymous); as accidents can happen any time any day. As per survey, approx. 400 people lose their life on daily basis in India,read more
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is insurance coverage for risks associated with traveling such as loss of luggage, death or injury while in a foreign country, medical expenses, fight cancellations etc.read more
Motor Insurance
Motor insurance refers to coverage for an accidental loss or damage to own car or to a third party, while choosing for a suitable car insurance policy a person should always .......read more
Home Insurance
Home owners insurance is one of the most important purchases of your life. As you have purchased your dream home, with so much of sweat and toil, now it’s time to Protect the same ......read more
Office / Shop Insurance
Maintaining Business plan has always been a challenge, given the dynamic nature of today’s business tactics; so is the premise, where your business empire has been built.read more

Financial Lines

Now view the list of top performing funds or check for new funds that are on
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Mutual Funds

We provide advice and services pertaining to all types of mutual funds. Different people will give varied views on the markets. That’s precise the reason why you need someone who has been analyzing the market over a period. By balancing your portfolio in the beginning will keep you well ahead of others in the long run.

Bonds/Fixed Deposits

We help you to Manage and choose from wide variety of best suited bonds, based on your requirement. Fixed deposits have been considered as India’s based on your requirement. Fixed deposits have been considered as India’s favourite and safe investment options. There has always been an urge to get higher returns, but that could

(Home - Personal - Business)

We step in with our expertise of providing the most suited product to an individual. Moreover the customer has a one point of contract for various kinds of Loan and its requirements. Since loans are a long term commitment, it is important to take a well informed decision on the procedure, the fine print and quality of services offered.

Tools to help you take investment decisions

Manage your finances by making informed decisions. Minimize risks & costs with these online financial tools that are aimed to help you make high quality decision for your financial planning

Online Sevices