Product Information
Other Plans SBI Life - eIncome Shield
This is a pure term, income protection plan that provides the security of regular monthly income for your dependents. The plan also factors in the need for increase in income benefit as living expenses rise.


  • Life insurance coverage
  • Immediate lump sum payment and monthly income for a minimum of four years
  • Four benefit options and choice of monthly income
  • Convenient online application process
  • Lower premium for women and for non-smokers


  • Monthly Income Benefit
  • Lump Sum Benefit
  • Maturity Benefit
  • Tax Benefits

Age at Entry

Min:18 years

Max:50 years

Age at Maturity

Max:60 years

Policy Term

Min:10 years

Max:35 years

Monthly Income

Min:Rs.25000 p.m.

Max:No limit

Benefit Option

Benefit Option Name

Benefit Option A

Benefit Option B

Benefit Option C

Benefit Option D

Simple Interest Percentage applicable for annual increase in Monthly Income

Option A No Increase

Option B 3%

Option C 5%

Option D 10%